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July 17, 2024


Workforce Management

The 6 R’s of Agent Productivity & Service Quality: Right Agent, Right Place, Right Time, Right Work, Right Way, Right Tools

Workforce management is an increasingly complex arena as suppliers, partners, internal users and customers’ service expectations continue to rise. In particular, a potentially bewildering amount of data streams in through various channels and must now be connected, analyzed and used incisively to manage most businesses.

Our solution is to help your organization enhance the productivity of its human resources by reviewing workload planning, distribution and completion — including analysis of methods used to match and schedule workforce elements to work requirements. CCI expertise includes implementing technologies to allow staff to work at home.

With the evolution of CRM technologies, management and staff in contact and support areas have to multitask in ways and at a pace unimagined even a few years ago. As a result, in many cases both management satisfaction with performance and employee loyalty to the organization are at all-time lows. CCI’s goal is to design and implement management tools, processes and behaviors that improve staff productivity, service, quality and morale.

Core Competencies & Expertise

CCI has demonstrated expertise and a track record of measurable results in each of these competencies: