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June 15, 2024


Business Process Re-engineering

60% - 70% of a contact centers' operating costs are derived from employee labor costs.

Excellence in organizational performance depends on having effective processes, people, data and technology to respond to the changing demands and evolving challenges of the business environment. Changes in corporate structure, strategy, cost issues, available technology or customer needs routinely force businesses to analyze and re-engineer their fundamental processes.

However, there is often little time and qualified manpower available to review processes objectively and streamline, automate or eliminate them in accordance with current customer needs and business priorities. Our solution is to maximize effective operations, quality and cost control through recommendations and/or the implementation of business solutions that balance effectiveness with cost and service. Although each CCI business process re-engineering is fully customized, based on the client’s unique parameters, the following issues are typically investigated and addressed:

  • How the company interacts with customers
  • What is known about customers
  • Quality of customer satisfaction delivered by the current structure
  • Consistency of the customer service structure with the organization’s structure, strategy and management philosophy
  • Adaptability of the customer service operation to growth and new technologies
  • Major business changes that may impact the customer service operation
  • Outsourcing as a viable option
  • Benefits to controlling all aspects of transactions in house
  • How service and quality balance against the financial benefits of a change

Core Competencies & Expertise

CCI has demonstrated expertise and a track record of measurable results in each of these competencies: