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May 23, 2024


Technology Solutions & Strategies

CCI focuses on vendor-neutral technology solutions that give an organization the latitude to select the best strategy for the future of their contact center.

A CCI Technology Solutions & Strategies project enables your organization to make significant operational improvements. Our recommendations provide long-term strategic direction, appropriately weighing the contributions of people, management, business strategies, e-business initiatives, processes, facilities and technology. If a change in direction is warranted, our services can include project management and change implementation — working with all relevant areas within the company to optimize customer service, quality and costs.

CCI will work with your management and technology teams to understand your current technology position, then recommend innovative scalable solutions where advisable. Our analysis phase includes assessment of internal network infrastructure, ACD/PBX, IVR, CTI, carrier facilities capacity planning, systems interface development, desktop CRM systems, call and work flows, scripting, and design. It also addresses issues such as agent software selection, customization, development and integration with host systems.

We will also work with you to anticipate future challenges and select the best technology path based on the criteria of impact, scalability, reliability and flexibility. Once the technology solution has been sourced and installed, CCI can provide comprehensive user training at all levels of the organization, including adapting system features to everyday business needs.

Core Competencies & Expertise

CCI has demonstrated expertise and a track record of measurable results in each of these competencies: